MrBeast revives Squid Game in his insane video for his 100 million subscribers

MrBeast has reached the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube and he celebrated by…

MrBeast revives Squid Game in his insane video for his 100 million subscribers

MrBeast reached the phenomenal 100 million subscriber mark on his YouTube channel on July 28, and he celebrated by giving away a private island in his craziest video.

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is surely one of YouTube’s most prolific personalities. He often surprises millions of viewers with videos that are one crazier than the next, most notably with his recreation of the popular series “Squid Game” last year.

After years of orchestrating sick challenges like starting his own fast-food chain or founding his own charity, MrBeast has finally hit nine figures in terms of YouTube subscribers. To celebrate, he promised his fans to publish the craziest video of all time. And it was done just one week after his promise.

So Mr. Beast released his video on August 4 in which he has one hundred of his subscribers fly who were to try to win a private island he had purchased for the occasion.

Participants had to engage in four grueling challenges, including one that was already present in his video on Squid Game with the red and green lights.

The competition ended with the last participants trying to find a hidden “Play” button buried on the island.

Once the winner was discovered, MrBeast showed the shiny red trophy to his fans and thanked them for “over a decade” of his YouTube life.

And that’s still nothing compared to what he’s been able to accomplish to amass more than 100 million subscribers. In fact, he already has more than 101 million (101,378,000 as of this writing), just one week into his remarkable accomplishment.

This makes him the second most followed content creator on YouTube, just behind Sweden’s PewDiePie who has 111 million.