Mickalow looks back on his Fortnite days: ‘I was a real little jerk’

Several years after his crazy time on Fortnite, Mickalow looked back on that awkward…

Mickalow looks back on his Fortnite days: 'I was a real little jerk'

Many years after his crazy period on Fortnite with Gotaga by his side, among others, Mickaël “Mickalow” Maruin went back to this delicate period from his point of view.

In 2018, Fortnite’s heyday had only just begun following the unexpected release of the Battle Royale mode at the very end of 2017. Quickly, many well-known streamers got into it and some of them really exploded as it was notably the case of Ninja.

In France, headliners like Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein and Mickalow quickly took the game seriously, forming moreover the first Fortnite team of Team Vitality with Maxime “Robi” Dambrine” and Adil “Adz” Kamel.

On Twitch, Mickalow and Gotaga experienced very high viewer spikes and a new community became attached to them thanks to the Fortnite craze and their spectacular level of play for the time.

With often thousands of viewers at each live event and a very young community on average, Mickalow recently admitted to some things that weighed him down.

In fact, it was on Twitter that he posted a long text where he explains himself about this Fortnite era of his career.

So Mickalow explains that he “went through a lot of toxic harassment” during that time and had entered “a vicious cycle” where he became “ultra toxic.”

He still says that he became aware of his behavior, which “allowed him to become a better person.”

We will still remember the good times we had during that time of Fortnite when the biggest streamers and players of the game moved almost every weekend to the four corners of France to compete in LAN in a very good atmosphere.

Those times are now over, but we can’t wait to see what Epic Games has in store for the rest of the Fortnite Battle Royale competitive scene.