A French preview of One Piece Red turns into a disaster

As soon as One Piece: Red hit theaters, all fans responded, for better or…

A French preview of One Piece Red turns into a disaster

While all fans of Eiichirō Oda’s manga had been waiting for this moment for a long time, as soon as One Piece: Red hit theaters, they all turned up, for better or worse.

Whether it’s attending the screening with the cast or director, enjoying exclusive animations related to the film, or simply being one of the first people to see it, despite the drop in theater attendance, previews continue to be popular, especially those related to pop culture.

Whatever the license in question, it’s not uncommon for a legion of fans to show up at previews to experience the film among enthusiasts, sometimes even in costume, which often leads to memorable moments, but not always in a good way.

One Piece: RedThe skidding of the preview of One Piece Red in Marseille makes the rounds of the web

A preview of One Piece: Red was organized in several theaters in France on Sunday, August 7, 2022. Unfortunately, for many spectators, in Marseille the evening quickly turned into a nightmare.

Popcorn throwing, half-naked spectators, running through the seats, food and drinks thrown on the screen, in less time than it takes to say it, the cinema hall turned into a battlefield.

A tweet illustrating what happened went viral on Twitter, accumulating more than 5.6 million views as of this writing. The video has not failed to get a reaction from many fans who have said they are “shocked” by the footage, stating that what happened is “a disgrace”.

This disastrous evening is not unlike the Bordeaux preview, which ended up being interrupted by fans disappointed with the film who pulled the fire alarm.

Such incidents are not isolated cases. Similar outbursts had notably occurred in March during the screening of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 at the Grand Rex in Paris.

Whatever the case, One Piece fans won’t soon forget the movie debut of One Piece: Red.