The Best Agents in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege | Tier List A7S2

Thanks to this Tier list of Rainbow Six Siege Agents here’s what you need…

The Best Agents in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | Tier List A7S2

In Rainbow Six Siege, each Agent has his or her own strengths and weaknesses and a whole arsenal at their disposal. Find the best Agents for your play style and team in this tier list.

The Agents are playable characters in Rainbow Six Siege. There are currently 62 playable Agents, all from 26 international counter-terrorism units and categorized into two positions: Afighters and Ddefenders.

To help you see this more clearly, we’ve concocted our own tier list of Agents to focus on based on their role. For each one, a guide to how to play it and in what situations to select them will also be provided.

Assailant Tier List

Tier S Ash – Ace – Zofia – Thatcher – Maverick – Sledge
Tier A Hibana – Thermite – Iana – Flores – Jackal – Sens – Nomad – Osa – Lion
Tier B Capitao – Gridlock – Twitch – Ying – Zero – Buck
Tier C Amaru – Dokkaebi – Nokk – Blackbeard
Tier D Finka – Glaz – Kali – Blitz – Fuze – IQ – Mountain

Tier List of Defenders

Tier S Mozzie – Kaid – Maestro – Mira – Smoke – Mute – Valkyrie – Pulse
Tier A Echo – Ela – Azami – Goyo – Jäger – Clash – Lesion – Melusi – Thunderbird
Tier B Bandit – Alibi – Wamai – Aruni – Vigil – Thorn
Tier C Castle – Doc – Rook – Frost – Tachanka
Tier D Oryx – Kapkan – Caveira – Warden

The best Assailants in Rainbow Six Siege

Tier S – Assailants

tier s assailants rainbow six siegeTier A – Assailants

tier a assailants rainbow six siegeTier B – Assailants

tier b assailants rainbow six siegeTier C – Assailants

tier c assailants rainbow six siegeTier D – Assailants

tier d assailants rainbow six siegeFinka

Finka is an Assailant equipped with 3 Adrenaline Shoots that provide numerous buffs to her teammates and herself.

Her ability supports rush tactics, adding speed and toughness to the entire team. It does, however, require strong team coordination to reach its full potential.


Agent Glaz, was once an extraordinarily powerful Assailant in Rainbow Six Siege. He could indeed fill the majority of the roles available. But since the nerf of his ability to see through smoke, he is now limited to the role of Angle Watching and Sniper.


Kali is a versatile Agent with a team support oriented gimmick. Unfortunately for her, her role as a Sniper is generally a position that is overlooked by players. Especially when you consider her inability to see through smoke like Glaz.


Agent Blitz is ideally played aggressively and decisively. He shines in 1v1 situations where he can corner an enemy and finish him off at close range.

Blitz is a complex Assailant that requires a lot of training to use properly. What’s more he is very dependent on the map, his team composition and the enemy team.


Agent Fuze is a Rainbow Six Siege Assailant equipped with cluster munitions. These charges allow him to bring death and destruction from a safe location. Unfortunately, their consistent explosion times make them far less effective against experienced players and confine them to a role of destroying gadgets and other utilities.


Half Support, half Fragger, IQ is a dynamic Assailant who must master the use of her ability. She serves primarily in information gathering through her electronic sensor, Spectrum.

She tends to cause difficulty for new players due to the nature of her ability. More situational than Agents like Iana or Lion, she can only shine in the hands of a very experienced player.


Mountain is equipped with his expandable shield, “The Rock,” which can cover him completely from head to toe while standing.

Unfortunately, when his shield is deployed, Montagne can’t do anything except move forward or backward. Montagne thus acts as a mobile wall, able to cover his allies and block his enemies, greatly limiting his flexibility.

The best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege

Tier S – Defenders

tier s defenders rainbow six siegeMozzie

Mozzie is a Defender capable of diverting drones from attackers. He is an alternative for players who use a lot of drones and want to be more aggressive than with Echo.

His usefulness increases as you move up the leaderboard in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Tier A – Defenders

tier a defenders rainbow six seatTier B – Defenders

tier b defender rainbow six seatAruni

Aruni is an Area Denial focused Defender who offers a unique ability, laser portals. Surya portals are excellent tools for forcing attackers to waste their abilities or delay a push. But she doesn’t excel in any style of play.


Vigil fills the role of Anti Intel in Rainbow Six Siege with her unique ERC-7 ability.

His gadget allows him to prevent Assailants from getting information about his exact location. This notably allows him to Roam easily, reducing the risk of being spotted.

Tier C – Defenders

tier c defenders rainbow six seatCastle

Agent Castle is not a Meta Defender in Rainbow Six Siege. He is generally a good choice for pre-set teams whose tactics are enhanced by his unique ability to lay down 3 armor panels.

His armor panels are unique, bulletproof barricades that can be placed on windows and doors in place of the default wooden barricades.


Doc is a Support and Anchor. He was the first healer available to Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. His ability is the Stim gun which allows him to fire three healing syringes.

Unfortunately using his ability requires a fair amount of cooperation in the sense that you only have three shots and must not miss under any circumstances. The fact that it is reactive also makes it less interesting at high levels compared to other Agents.


Rook is an Anchor, but more importantly a support in Rainbow Six Siege. With its Bag of protective plates that offers any user 20 extra HP.

Very easy to use it is a recommended option for new players. Unfortunately it is also simplistic and suffers from rigid gameplay.


Agent Frost specializes in setting traps. Of all the traps, his Red Mats are the most visible to the naked eye, but trigger an instantaneous knockdown of the affected Assailants.

As a result, it is difficult to get Assailants to trigger his traps, but they offer considerable benefits when they do.


After his rework, Tachanka has clearly turned up the heat. While the Agent clearly has potential, the fact that he has one of the lowest rates of fire of the Defenders, a huge cooldown on his weapons and grenade launcher make him extremely vulnerable.

Tier D – Defenders

tier d defenders rainbow six siegeWarden

Warden is an Agent that will reward solo plays. Unfortunately, by their nature these are inconsistent which earns him his place this low in the tier list.


Oryx fills the role of Roamer in Rainbow Six Siege. But unlike the other Agents in this role, he trades stealth for the ability to walk through walls and speed for higher damage potential and resilience.


Agent Kapkan is a versatile Defender who specializes in trap placement. He is not currently meta, as Lesion and Ela fill his role better than he does.


Caveira is the classic Roamer from Rainbow Six Siege. Her unique ability, Velvet Step, enhances Caveira’s ability to move efficiently without noise. In addition, she is able to interrogate downed enemies to learn the location of her opponents.

On the other hand Caveira is the most difficult Roamer to use consistently and effectively. Indeed his kill potential is very limited and thus makes both of his abilities null and void most of the time.