Agent Amaru’s Guide to Rainbow Six Siege: Weapons, equipment, role…

Learn how to play Agent Amaru on Rainbow Six Siege. This guide features the…

Agent Amaru's Guide to Rainbow Six Siege: Weapons, equipment, role...

Discover how to play Agent Amaru on Rainbow Six Siege. This guide features the best weapons, accessories, and gadgets to maximize the potential of this assailant who strikes where you least expect it.

Amaru is an agent who can get around the opposing team in record time. His specialty, vertical climbing with his Garra hooks.

Health Speed
Amaru Rainbow Six SiegeHow to play Amaru

Role: Entry Fragger

The Entry Fraggers are the vanguard of the team. They are a force capable of penetrating through the initial line of defense to quickly give the Assailants an advantage. Such a role assignment means that Amaru in Rainbow Six Siege will be the lead agent in the hunt for Roamers.

In addition, Entry Fraggers play a critical role in the progression of Assailants. In particular, they are essential in securing strategic locations such as rooms surrounding the objective.

They are also essential in the hunt for Roamers

As a fragger, you are expected to be decisive and not afraid to go for it!

Amaru is well suited to this role given his ability to quickly get around opponents.



Amaru is relatively simple especially mechanically. However, optimal use of your grappling hook will require a good knowledge of defensive maps and strategies.

  • Good knowledge of maps
  • Easy to pick up, but difficult to master
  • Not vital to his team’s success

What equipment to choose for Amaru

What main weapon to choose

Amaru offers two main weapons, the G8A1and the SuperNova.

The SuperNova being a shotgun, the G8A1 is often preferred for its greater versatility. In addition, the weapon offers excellent suppressive fire capabilities through a decent magazine and a good rate of fire.

Viewer Gun Handle Under the barrel
2x Scope Flame-Cover Vertical Handle X

Which secondary weapon to choose

The GONNE-6 and the SMG-11 are the weapons available for Amaru. Both are a decent choice and will depend on your play style. If you choose to assist your team a little more, the Breach abilities of the GONNE-6 will be very useful. However if your style is more lone wolf, the SMG will be a better choice. In that sense, given Amaru’s abilities we will not default to the SMG-11.

Viewer Gun Handle Under the barrel
X Mouthbrake Vertical Handle X

What gadget to choose

Amaru has access to two universal gadgets: the Claymore and the Heavy Rift Charge.
Choosing the right gadget will mostly depend on your play style, with both options being perfectly viable.

We’ll go with the Claymore to allow Amaru to secure his flanks when pushing into opponent territory.

Rainbow Six Siege Claymore

Single capacity

The Garra Hooks are Amaru’s unique ability in Rainbow Six Siege.

Garra Hook

The Garra Hooks pull several grappling hooks before quickly dragging Amaru towards them.

  • 4 Hooks per round
  • 8 seconds of recovery will be required before a reuse
  • 15 meters maximum range and 3 meters minimum
  • Amaru cannot use his weapons while ascending
  • If an opponent is in Amaru’s path while ascending, they will be instantly killed

Amaru’s ability allows him to quickly reposition himself and take unlikely angles. However it does nothing to help him with horizontal crossing.

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