Agent Vigil’s Guide to Rainbow Six Siege: Weapons, equipment, role…

Learn how to play Agent Vigil on Rainbow Six Siege. This guide features the…

Agent Vigil's Guide to Rainbow Six Siege: Weapons, equipment, role...

Discover how to play Agent Vigil on Rainbow Six Siege. This guide features the best weapons, accessories, and gadgets to maximize the potential of this spectral defender.

Vigil fills the role of Anti Intel in Rainbow Six Siege with his unique ERC-7 ability. His ability allows him to prevent Assailants from obtaining information about his exact location.

Health Speed
Vigil Rainbow Six SiegeHow to play Vigil

Role: Roamer

Vigil is a fast defender who is very skilled as a roamer.

In effect, a roamer will seek to leave the objective to slow the progress of attackers. This is perfectly suited to an agent like vigilante possessing the speed as well as the weapons/gadgetry and ability to shine.



Vigil is a fairly simple agent to play, however the Roamer role requires some knowledge of the game to really make a difference.

  • Effective Roaming requires map knowledge and good flank timing
  • Requires consistent knowledge of the map to use its capacity to the fullest
  • An ability not vital to the success of his team

What equipment to choose for Vigil

What main weapon to choose

Vigil has access to two main weapons, the K1A and the BOSG. 12.2. The BOSG. 12.2 is simply not a viable weapon due to its two rounds per magazine. The K1A, on the other hand, is a good weapon that will fit Vigil’s Roamer role very well.

Viewer Gun Handle Under the barrel
x1.5 Flame-Cache Slanted Handle X

Which secondary weapon to choose

Vigil has access to two secondary weapons, the C75 AUTO and the SMG-12. The SMG-12 is an excellent weapon. However, since the nerfing of the SMG recoil, the C75 AUTO has become the better option for the vast majority of situations.

Viewer Gun Handle Under the barrel

What gadget to choose

Vigil has access to two universal gadgets: the Impact Grenade and the Camera Blindée.
Choosing the right gadget will depend primarily on your play style. However, as a Roamer, Vigil will definitely benefit more from Percussion Grenades.

Percussion grenade

Single capacity

The ERC-7 is Vigil’s unique ability in Rainbow Six Siege.


Vigil is equipped with the ERC-7, a camouflage device that makes it difficult to distinguish on cameras and drones.

  • 12 second activation time
  • Can be interrupted at any time
  • Recharges at twice the speed of use (6 seconds for maximum charge)
  • Shooting, using a melee attack, or reinforcing barricades will automatically disable the ability
  • The sound of Vigil will always be audible through cameras and drones
  • Creates interference on impacted cameras and drones
  • The Radius of the ERC-7is 12 meters

The main purpose of the ERC-7 is to confuse information about Vigil’s exact location forcing attackers to wait or risk an ambush. Remember, you are not invisible, far from it. Only drones and cameras will be affected and your presence will be detected through interference.

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