Tibo InShape already in the middle of a new controversy over obesity

The youtuber Tibo InShape is once again in the middle of a new controversy…

Tibo InShape already in the middle of a new controversy over obesity

Youtuber Tibo InShape is once again in the midst of a new controversy following a tweet about obesity.

Barely a few days after the drama related to the French flag he had proudly displayed in his gym that had drawn the wrath of the internet, Thibaud “Tibo InShape” Delapart is now in the middle of a controversy related to obesity and grossophobia.

A tweet posted this Monday, August 8 after 8 pm has caused thousands of Twitter users to react, whose opinions differ on his stance on the subject.

With more than 4,000 tweets cited and 3,200 replies less than 24 hours after this tweet was posted, it’s safe to say that the famous fitness youtuber with more than 8 million subscribers on YouTube has some reading to do.

Many people were hurt by the tweet, which was sometimes deemed “condescending” and “dismissive.”

Discussions have opened up on the social network since last night about obesity with many constructive opinions and testimonies from people who feel concerned and targeted.

In any case, Tibo InShape does not fail to make the buzz, even if we can still consider this one as a badbuzz considering the reactions of the Internet users.

Besides, in the morning of August 9, he published another tweet in the same spirit that again made hundreds of people react.

The youtuber continues to attract attention and his interactions keep increasing with each passing hour. Still, let’s hope he doesn’t continue this badbuzz streak that could clearly work against him in the long run.

Tibo InShape has millions of followers on his social networks and seems to have a great influence on his community. If you especially want to (re)start working out, his secondary YouTube channel will be a great help for you to exercise regularly.