This popular TikTok effect makes the internet users dream

Tiktokers have their heads in the stars thanks to an effect on TikTok that…

This popular TikTok effect makes the internet users dream

For the past few days tiktokers have had their heads in the stars thanks to an augmented reality effect on TikTok that allows them to add a little magic to their surroundings.

On TikTok, content creators have a wide range of incredible filters and effects at their disposal to try to stand out from the crowd with colorful videos.

From filters that add a sunny effect or a cozy vibe to one’s videos to effects that let one’s creativity run wild or have fun trying to guess which Disney princess one is, or what one would look like at 80, there’s something for everyone.

However, nothing beats the lure of novelty. As popular as the filters and effects are that are already in the place, as soon as a new filter or effect appears, very quickly we see only it. Recently, it’s an augmented reality effect that’s turning heads, allowing tiktokers to transform their surroundings.

The “Planets” effect invades TikTok

Thanks to this effect, when the smartphone’s camera is pointed at the sky, a completely different atmosphere is offered, allowing to see stars and even … planets.

Most tiktokers said they were blown away by the realism of this effect, so much so that in a few days it became extremely popular on the app, with many videos reaching several million views in record time. Many voices have been raised, claiming that this is the best effect in the history of TikTok.

Of course, some users were decidedly less thrilled than others, deeming the effect far too creepy. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a turn-off when you open your door and see a planet coming dangerously close …


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Whatever the case the majority of tiktokers are asking for more!