A TikToker draws the ire of Internet users with a fake marriage proposal

Known for his pranks a TikToker has caused an uproar with his fake marriage…

A TikToker draws the ire of Internet users with a fake marriage proposal

Known for his multiple pranks, a content creator has sparked outrage on TikTok with a fake marriage proposal, with netizens deeming that this time he went too far.

Portable thrown into the water, cone of French fries in the face, splashes of ketchup, several times a week Alexandrovitch90 shares on TikTok the pranks that he and his companion do to each other daily. These multiple pranks allowed him to quickly become known on the application.

In fact, in less than a month the content creator has garnered more than 2 million likes, and he has a following of more than 107,000 subscribers to date. However, his most viral video to date, with more than 45.8 million views, has been decried by many Internet users who have deemed it “cruel”.

In this video we can see him filming the arrival of his girlfriend in their apartment. When she sees the rose petals scattered on the floor and the balloons, the young woman asks him what’s going on. Without answering, he hands her a pair of scissors to cut a ribbon dotted with hearts that was blocking the entrance to another room.


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He then hands her a bouquet of roses, asks her to close her eyes, then leads her into their kitchen where he asks her to open her eyes.

Instead of the proposal everyone expected, the young woman notices a pile of dirty dishes on the kitchen counter and in the sink. The TikToker then bursts out laughing and his girlfriend throws the bouquet of flowers in his face before storming out.

A TikTok that divides internet users

While most internet users laughed a lot at this joke, some even guessing what was going to happen when they saw the “Aldi bouquet”, others on the contrary found this video very borderline.

“Breaking reason”, said one Internet user.

“I know I’m supposed to find this funny, but I feel so much pain watching this. I feel so bad for her, said one Internet user in a comment that has been liked more than 5,000 times.

Afterwards, the TikToker confided that the prank made his girlfriend furious, pushing her “anger to another level”, but that they were able to laugh about it afterwards.

Whatever the case, while he has the wind in his sails, the TikToker does not plan to stop there. “There will be many more pranks to come. You can get excited, he said.