Tier list LoL | Patch 12.15 | The best champions in each role

League of Legends Preseason 2022 continues with Patch 12.15, and check out the best…

Tier list LoL | Patch 12.15 | The best champions in each role

League of Legends Season 2022 continues with Patch 12.15, and check out the best champions to climb the ladder!

Patches come and go and no two are alike on Riot Games’ must-have MOBA. The studio continues its balancing updates, notably touching up numerous items and characters. Which champions benefit the most from these changes? We’ll let you find out with our Tier List 12.15!

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  • Tier list Top Lane
  • Tier list Jungle
  • Tier list Mid Lane
  • Tier list ADC/Bot
  • Tier list Support

Tier List Top League of Legends

The current meta is making the bruisers that swarm the top lane happy. Darius, Garen, Mordekaiser and the like are having a field day… unless a hard counter is waiting around the corner. Indeed, picks like Quinn and Teemo are steadily gaining popularity to nuke the laning phase.

LoL champion Darius


The Top Lane steamroller is back! A formidable duelist and a winning machine when he gets ahead, Darius shines in this meta where many of the matchups favor him.


The chewing gum of the rift doesn’t often find its way to the top. But when the meta allows it, it is absolutely unbearable! Few champions can really put him in danger in lane, and you already know how powerful Zac is in late game fights.


While Aatrox is historically not played with a lethal build, the buff of these items has made the darkin a true monster with the mythic item Eclipse. The champion’s colossal regeneration makes him absolutely unmanageable in the mid-game if he’s gotten ahead.


Poppy is a special champion who excels in melee ups, against champions with dash or tanks. The surprising burst of the yordle make her an honorable duelist, and she is excellent at setting up ganks. Nevertheless, initiating team fights with Poppy is not always easy, and that’s why she requires some experience before being mastered.


Following his mini redesign and changes to champion survival, Olaf is more powerful than ever. The berserk shines in fights where he lingers as his huge regeneration and lingering ultimate allow him to gain the upper hand very easily in these scenarios.


While everyone dreads Shen for his all-encompassing ultimate that can turn around any skirmish from level 6 on, we tend to forget that the ninja is also an excellent duelist. His consistent A damage and Z dodge quickly give him the upper hand in melee vs. melee matchups.


The melee champion plague is always a must-have soloQ pick. Quinn has all the makings to give the most popular champions in the meta hell.

Other must-have champions of the moment: Jax, Wukong, Volibear, Kayle, Fiora

Tier List Jungle League of Legends

For junglers to enjoy, a wide range of champions and strategies are viable in the current meta. Whether you like to farm or gank, whether you’re a fighter, tank, or assassin afficionado, you’re bound to find an effective champion for you right now.

The LoL Fiddlesticks ChampionTier List Mid League of Legends

Since the durability overhaul, it is indeed the mages who have taken over the middle lane. The increase in champion tanking has decreased the impact of burst, leaving more palce for champions who prefer to control waves and scale towards the late game.

Tier list of top Mid LoLTier List ADC League of Legends

The champion durability update naturally brought some hyper carries back to the forefront… but not only that! Champions with excellent scaling or big teamfight utility are on the front burner.

The LoL champion SivirThese incredible League of Legends tattoos have fans dreaming

Other must-have champions of the moment:Veigar, Ashe, Vayne, Miss Fortune, Swain

Tier List Support League of Legends

After the huge Enchanters nerf in patch 12.14, the meta balances out again on the bottom lane. While heals and shields are still effective, engage brackets are definitely on the rise!

The LoL Champion Taric


With the enchanters’ nerf, weaker supports in lane have less difficulty surviving. Thus, Taric can quietly chip away at levels and wait for teamfights where his ultimate has an insane impact.


The engaging support of the moment is unquestionably Amumu. Oppressive from the start of the game with his double strip, his true potential is revealed in teamfights thanks to his overpowered ultimate.

Renata Glasc

His kit gives him enormous versatility and utility throughout the game. While he’s not always easy to place, his ultimate also has the ability to carry a teamfight on its own.


The most brutal of supports fits perfectly in this meta filled with squishy, low bot-mobile champions. His fearsome hooks can quickly lead to a kill, and his roaming potential allows experienced players to impact the entire map.


Janna’s mini redesign has propelled the aeromaniac to the top of the Tier List. While Janna is less oppressive with her Z and basic attacks, she has gained a much harder-to-avoid tornado in return that gives her extremely powerful crowd control.


Few supports have as much impact as a Zilean in the late game. Since lanes are a bit more passive at this patch, the time master has less difficulty surviving until the point where his resurrections can turn the tide of a game.


Hypercarry are all the rage in Summoner’s Rift, and as you know, these fragile little beings are in dire need of protection. Naturally, the Enchanters are back in the spotlight, with Soraka leading the way! Moreover, Soraka is extremely effective with the must-have ADC of the moment: Lucian

Other must-have champions of the moment:Zyra, Sona, Blitzcrank, Lulu, Rell

This concludes our tier list of the top champions at patch 12.15. Remember that a champion’s mastery often counts for more than their rank in the tier list. Good luck with your ranked games on LoL!