Jungler pets reportedly coming to LoL for 2023 Preseason

An article from the LoL developers has revealed some new features for Preseason 2023….

Jungler pets reportedly coming to LoL for 2023 Preseason

An inadvertently published article from LoL’s developers revealed some new features for Preseason 2023. Pets soon in the jungle?

Every new Season is an opportunity for Riot Games to introduce major changes to League of Legends. Preseason 2023 will be no exception, and a leak due to a minor developer error gives a taste of what’s to come.

In fact, a blog post published on the official League of Legends website and quickly removed revealed some consequential changes planned for the jungle: camp range and reset, recommended routes… and even a pet to help you out!

The League of Legends jungle will be more welcoming to new players

From the very first lines of the official blog post, the author is clear: the jungle is a very tough role to play, requiring eyes everywhere, ganking, laying down vision… all while effectively clearing your camps.

We don’t want the majority of players to actively avoid playing a role, and the truth is that we have failed regarding the jungle.

The complexity of the role makes life hard for balancing teams as the performance gap for jungle champions can be abysmal between the pro scene where every move is optimized, and low-level games where the level of pathing optimization is far less.

Krugs in LoL
Riot Games

Optimizing clearing: a daunting task for new players?

The evidence is stark: jungler is a powerful role, but far too difficult for beginners to grasp.

To address the problem, several solutions are already being considered by Riot Games, and will certainly arrive in the 2023 preseason.

“We’re exploring some changes like a jungle route aid. Imagine something similar to recommended items, but instead tells you how to do your first clear. This is a crucial element in mastering the role.

We’re also looking at adjusting how leashing works, including their scope and reset rules. When you start at this role and accidentally lose the camp agro, you really feel like you’ve lost everything.”

Families in the jungle?

The most surprising change regarding the jungle in preseason 2023 undoubtedly concerns items for junglers. Indeed, Riot Games is not fully satisfied with the current system:

The current items are functional, but they aren’t really exciting or – especially for Red Smite – easily understood.

In order to make the items unique, the developers will therefore introduce a whole new mechanic: pets.

Wolf Familiar on LoL
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