Roblox Blox Fruits Codes | EXP Boosts and Beli | August 2022

Blox Fruits promo codes from Roblox are a great way to get cash (Beli)…

Roblox Blox Fruits Codes | EXP Boosts and Beli | August 2022

Roblox Blox Fruits promo codes are a great way to get cash (Beli) and EXP bonuses. Check out all the functional codes in August 2022.

Every month, players of Blox Fruits – a game based on the popular Roblox – can pick up numerous bonuses for free through the use of codes. With EXP bonuses, Beli (Blox Fruits’ virtual money) or even stat resets, these codes will make your progress much easier.

Find out the full list of codes currently available on Blox Fruits!


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  • Expired Blox Fruits codes
  • What are Blox Fruits codes used for in Roblox
All codes on Blox Fruits
How to activate a code on Blox FruitsExpired Blox Fruits codes

The codes available in Blox Fruits are updated regularly. Because of this, some expire and are no longer usable in-game; Below is a list of formerly available codes.

Code Items
EXP x2 15 minutes
Sub2NoobMaster123 EXP x2 15 minutes
RESET_5B Reset stats
EXP x2
EXP x2 20 minutes
1MLIKES_RESET Reset stats
2BILLION EXP x2 20 minutes
3BVISITS EXP x2 30 minutes
THIRDSEA Reset stats
UPD16 EXP x2 20 minutes
UPD15 EXP x2 20 minutes
ShutDownFix2 EXP x2
1BILLION EXP x2 2 hours
XMASRESET Reset stats
UPDATE11 EXP x2 30 minutes
UPDATE10 Reset stats
EXP x2 15 minutes

What are Blox Fruits codes in Roblox for?

Promotion codes are a great way for beginners and experienced players alike to speed up their progress. Stats resets allow you to shape your character to your liking by making up for small mistakes. Experience boosts and Beli will speed up your progression by saving you long hours of farming.

Finally, some codes offer even more interesting bonuses like titles or items.