How to grab rewards on Tower of Fantasy: Twitch Drops

Rewards on Tower of Fantasy are already available, so you can get a head…

How to grab rewards on Tower of Fantasy: Twitch Drops

While Tower of Fantasy has only just made its debut on PC and mobile, it’s already possible for aspiring gamers to get their hands on a variety of rewards, so they can get a head start without paying a penny.

For a few weeks now everyone has been talking about nothing but Tower of Fantasy, the famous action-RPG that could overshadow Genshin Impact. It must be said that with trailers and pre-registration awards, in recent weeks, Hotta Studio has done everything to galvanize the enthusiasm of Internet users.

While Tower of Fantasy is finally available on PC, iOS and Android, the studio has added a layer by offering various rewards, this time accessible via Twitch. Here’s how to take advantage of them!

How to benefit from Twitch Drops Tower of Fantasy?

From August 11 to 13 it is possible to get your hands on rewards for Tower of Fantasy by watching streamers on Twitch. To unlock them for sure, however, you need to follow different steps, namely:

  • Go to the game’s official website, in the Twitch Drops area here
  • Log in with your Twitch account, then click authorize
  • Then log in with your Tower of Fantasy account, create it if necessary
  • Choose your region, server and select your character. If you don’t have one yet, create one
  • Follow the streams on Tower of Fantasy of the eligible streamers (the ones where you can see the mention “drops activated) to unlock the rewards
Tower of FantasyWhat rewards are available?

Unlocking the rewards on offer is a breeze, all you have to do is watch an eligible player’s stream for a certain amount of time. The rewards earned depend on the amount of time watched.

30 minutes of stream 1 Black Nucleus
1 BVanguard Trailblazer
1 hour of stream 50 Dark Crystals
5 SR Boxes of Random Relic Fragments
2 hours of stream 100 Dark Crystals
10 SR Boxes of Random Relic Fragments
3 hours of stream 1 Golden Nucleus
15 SR Boxes of Random Relic Fragments
4 hours of stream 2 Golden Nuclei
1 Illusory Link

Like Genshin Impact, it would hardly be surprising if a Tower of Fantasy monthly pack also made an appearance on Prime Gaming in the coming weeks.