The new Ultimate Team FIFA 23 features: FUT Moments, Collective, Stadiums…

FIFA 23 turns Ultimate Team mode upside down with a number of changes including…

The new Ultimate Team FIFA 23 features: FUT Moments, Collective, Stadiums...

FIFA 23 turns Ultimate Team mode upside down with a number of changes including an overhaul of the Collective system.

FIFA 23 will be the last installment of EA SPORTS’ must-have soccer simulation franchise before a complete rebranding. So there’s no doubt that the studio had better hit hard with this new FIFA, in order to make a mark before what promises to be an exciting transition.

As such, EA has already introduced many changes for the Career and Club Pro modes. Now it’s FIFA’s most popular game mode that all eyes are on: Ultimate Team, or FUT for short.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new features and changes to Ultimate Team in FIFA 23.


  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: New Collective system
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: FUT Moments
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Stadium customization

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: New Collective system

Probably the key change FIFA 23 makes to the FUT formula is the overhaul of the Collective system. Forget about the linkage system that encourages you to group your players from the same clubs or nationalities.

From now on, all players in the starting 11 can enjoy a Collective boost with their teammates, no matter where they are on the field.

This means, for example, that a goalkeeper and a striker who play for the same team will improve their respective Collective scores, even if they play on opposite sides of the field.

Players and teams alike will now have a star score of up to three, replacing the usual rating system. Heroes and Icons cards will still give you a huge advantage by counting as two players on their team or nation.

The Collective will continue to improve your stats as it always has, but there is no longer any penalty for not linking within your team. In short, a card’s attributes represent the player’s minimum abilities, without any boost from Collective.

These changes should greatly improve flexibility in team building.

Collective in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: FUT Moments

FIFA afficionados who prefer to play FUT solo while reaping rewards will now have an alternative to Team Clashes. That’s because FUT Moments offers players a number of scenarios, presented in the form of a campaign featuring a player, a team or a tournament.

Each of these scenarios requires the player to complete in-game challenges, from a rematch after a rough start to recreating a legendary goal. Successfully completing these objectives earns stars that can be traded for packs, players or items.

FUT Moments will have a completely separate schedule from Ultimate Team seasons. This means that challenge updates will not be patterned after the seasonal schedule. In addition, you will be able to keep your stars for as long as you want.

Many FUT Moments campaigns will be available at launch of FIFA 23, and more will be added throughout the game’s lifecycle.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Stadium Customization

This year, FUT mode lands with a host of stadium customization options to make the Ultimate Team experience even more unique.

So, your stadium will be your real home for home games, and your opponents will have to defeat you in an arena filled with tifos in your colors, banners, or even trophies representing your previous sporting achievements.

Themes can also be applied to the stadiums, even changing the color of the lighting.

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