New Pro Club features on FIFA 23: Skill games, max level, tattoos…

FIFA 23’s Clubs Pro game mode will see a lot of changes. Find out…

New Pro Club features on FIFA 23: Skill games, max level, tattoos...

ThePro Clubs game mode in FIFA 23 will see a lot of changes. Find out about skill games, tattoos or even the overhaul of the level system.

While Career and Ultimate Team are undoubtedly the most popular game modes on FIFA, more and more players are getting excited about Clubs Pro. Hungry for new features, players have gone so far as to call out EA in a big way for complaining about the new crossplay system in this game mode.

While EA SPORTS disappointed with its much-incomplete crossplay, the studio has plenty of changes planned for Clubs Pro.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Club Pro mode features in FIFA 23


  • Skill games in FIFA 23
  • Pro Clubs and VOLTA: a common Seasons system
  • Tattoos come to Pro Clubs
  • Increased max level
  • Swings in FIFA 23

Skill games in FIFA 23

Getting enough good-looking people together to start a Pro Clubs match can sometimes be laborious. So to pass the time, FIFA 23 will feature games of skill!

These games will seem quite familiar to those who are used to Career Mode. Indeed, you will have to exercise your speed, dribbling, tackling and more through 66 different challenges.

These games won’t just be a way to pass the time! In fact, your player will be able to recover valuable XP points by training in this way, although a weekly cap will prevent you from abusing the system.

FIFA 23's Pro Clubs mode

Pro Clubs and VOLTA: a Seasons system in common

Like Ultimate Team, FIFA’s Pro Clubs mode will now use a season system in common with Volta. This means that you will be able to accumulate points in any of these two modes and spend them on cosmetic rewards, among other things.

These rewards range from the latest pair of fashionable cleats to face paint that will give your player a unique look.

Seasons will reset regularly, giving the most diligent players new juicy rewards to get their hands on at regular intervals.

Tattoos arrive in Pro Clubs

Among the new cosmetic elements added to Clubs Pro are (finally) tattoos. Players have been waiting a long time for the ability to ink their avatar’s epidermis, and EA didn’t turn a deaf ear.

Many designs will be available at launch of the game, while others will have to be purchased through points earned by progressing through Clubs Pro or Volta each season.

Increasing the maximum level

Max level in Pro Clubs on FIFA 23Acolades in FIFA 23

In Clubs Pro, it’s all about team play. Nevertheless, we all know that little rivalries develop within teams themselves and everyone is looking to be the star of their squad.

With the new accolade system, FIFA 23 will honor the team’s most successful players after each game.

For once, the spotlight won’t just be on the scorers. A player who gave away an astounding number of balls or made a string of surgical tackles also has a place in this new system!

So we’ll have to wait for EA to tell us more in the coming weeks. To make sure you don’t miss out on any FIFA 23 news, feel free to follow us on Twitter @DexertoFGB.