Lena Situations exposes the harassment she and her family endure

Through her latest YouTube video, Lena Situations has spoken out against the harassment she…

Lena Situations exposes the harassment she and her family endure

Through her latest YouTube video “the dogs bark, the caravan goes by,” Lena Situations has spoken out against the harassment she and her family face on a daily basis.

While all her fans are eagerly awaiting season 6 of the mythical August vlogs, Lena Situations was keen to speak out on her YouTube channel about an extremely important issue that affects her and her family.

Before I get back on YouTube and start season six of August vlogs, I needed and wanted to talk to you.

On the occasion of her video “the dogs bark, the caravan passes” which has already caused a huge reaction on social networks, the famous influencer denounces the harassment she has suffered since its inception as well as that which her family is also victim.

In addition to targeting her career, her lifestyle and her personality, the attacks she has been the victim of have also targeted her new haircut as well as the vegan menu of her future ephemeral store (pop-up store).

She then spoke about a milestone event that took place during the Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Invited to this occasion, Lena Situations preferred to enjoy her vacation in the United States with her companion Seb, which caused a massive hate movement. Internet users have even gone so far as to send profiles of women to the young man in order to push him to cheat on his girlfriend.

But in addition to this continuous harassment of which she is a victim every day, Lena Mahfouf reveals that her family is also the target of this hate.

I got a potato the day the hate I was experiencing on the internet became very real. It took 100% of my energy as we went beyond the virtual world to the front of my mom’s house to press the intercom to harass her over and over again, calling her on the phone so many times until she cut her line because it was too much. As soon as she picked up, it was ‘your daughter, she’s a fat whore.

She then recounts how some of her harassers went so far as to contact her grandmother, who lives in Algeria, “to tell her that her granddaughter was a fat bitch.”

In order to gain some perspective on this unbearable situation, she decided to move to Los Angeles for several months to recharge her batteries.

To conclude, she made a point of sending a message to all her detractors:”I invite you all to go fuck yourselves. We, we’re going to have a great summer, there’s no way this is going to continue, it’s broken me too much, it’s undermined me too much.”