Vanguard’s best Kar98k Warzone class – Accessories, assets…

Find out what are the best accessories and assets you need to equip on…

Vanguard's best Kar98k Warzone class - Accessories, assets...

Vanguard’s Kar98k is a far too underrated sniper rifle for Warzone players. So find out the best accessories and assets you should equip.

Warzone’s meta has changed considerably since Vanguard was integrated in December 2021, but sniper rifles have always remained an extremely powerful choice.

And among those snipers, we can find Vanguard’s Kar98k, which may be less popular than Modern Warfare’s version but is just as powerful.

So if you want to use this sniper rifle, find out the best accessories and assets you should equip.

The best class of Vanguard’s Kar98k on Warzone

Kar98k Warzone ClassThe-best-accessories-of-the-vanguard-kar98k
  • Mouthpiece: SD Silencer
  • Gun: VDD 05HE 660mm
  • Sighting Scope: –
  • Stock: Krausnick Padded
  • Gun Accessory: SMLE Pistol Stock
  • Loader

    : Klauser 8mm 5 round quick loader

  • Arms: Extended
  • Rear grip: Fabric grip
  • All: Agility
  • All 2: Fully loaded

We begin this class with the SD Silencer and the VDD 05HE 660mm barrel. Combined, these two accessories dramatically increase the Kar98k’s bullet speed, range, and flinch resistance, while keeping your shots off enemy radar.

The Krausnick Padded Stock helps maintain control of the weapon and better resist flinch.

However, all of these features slow down the Kar98k, which is why we equipped the SMLE Pistol Stock and the Fabric Grip to increase rate of fire and reduce reaction time.

In order to reload this sniper as fast as possible, 5 round Klauser 8mm Quick Loader with Extended ammo are the perfect combo.

Finally, we decided to keep the Kar’s basic scope, and topped it off with the Agility asset so you can quickly switch between weapons, and Fully Loaded so you don’t run out of ammo.

Kar98k VanguardThe-best-assets-for-vanguard-kar98k-class
  • Trump 1: No Run – The No Run trump will increase your tactical sprint time which will allow you to move faster on the map. The speed to crouch is also increased by 30%.
  • Mostly 2: Overarming / Ghosting – For this, use the strategy of using two classes. Choose Overarm on the first supply drop you buy, then Ghost for the second.
  • Mostly 3: Overarmed – The speed of transitioning between your weapons is faster, as is your grenade launch.

And now you know all about Vanguard’s Kar98k.