KG M40 Warzone Best Class: accessories, assets

If you were wondering which weapon to bet on to get the best of…

KG M40 Warzone Best Class: accessories, assets

The KG M40 is one of the new weapons from Warzone Pacific. If you’ve been wondering which weapon to bet on to pull your weight on Caldera, this assault rifle with devastating damage is for you.

Having just arrived on the battle royale, the KG M40 had already begun to entice the crowds. Aside from the novelty appeal, you have to admit that this assault rifle has it all, solid rate of fire, very good damage per shot, attractive range… what more could you ask for?

If you want to give it a shot, here are the best accessories and assets to equip for Warzone Pacific.

  • The best KG M40 class on Warzone
    • The best accessories
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The best KG M40 class on Warzone

Warzone and Vanguard Combat PassThe best accessories
Replacement Name
Mouth MX Muffler
Canon Reisdorf 720 mm cover
Lens SVT-40 PU scope 3-6x
Scope VDD 22G Padded
Gun accessory M1941 handguard
Loader 60-round Klauser 8mm drum loader
Ammunition type Long
Backhandle Hatched handle
Expert Firm Handle
Kit Charged to Block

First, the MX Silencer will improve the weapon’s accuracy while the Reisdorf 720 mm will give a boost to recoil control.

The VDD 22G Padded and the M1941 Handguard, will also boost accuracy. This comes at the cost of a small nerf to the ADS speed, but thanks to the Firm Grip, it remains paltry. As for the scope, the SVT-40 PU scope 3-6x continues to prove itself, but it’s up to you to choose what works best for you.

TheKlauser 60-round drum magazine will get you into the thick of things without having to worry about reloading. Plus, the hatched grip will bring some stability to your shots during long bursts while the Extended ammunition will improve bullet velocity.

The best assets

Name Icon Description
Embitter (E.O.D.) Shots and explosions not related to a series of eliminations deal you less damage.
Overkill Carry two main weapons.
Survival The speed of transitioning between your weapons is faster, as is throwing your grenades

The best equipment

  • Semtex
  • Stimulant

The Semtex remains a safe bet, and the Stimulant allows you to count on a health boost as well as a last second speed boost when the fight starts to get tough.