A simple change to save Warzone 2? Gamers believe so

With Warzone 2.0 approaching, the Call of Duty community has highlighted a change that…

With Warzone 2.0 on the horizon, the Call of Duty community has come together, pointing to one important change that needs to be made to ensure its success.

The kickoff of Warzone Pacific Season 5, the ultimate season of the battle royale, the one that will mark the transition between Warzone and Warzone 2, is fast approaching. It’s only a matter of months until 2.0 lands, and while players are all looking forward to the new adventure, there are multiple concerns about the upcoming arrival of Activision’s revamped battle royale.

The game’s first season is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2011

The last two years of Warzone have been tumultuous, to say the least, and many hope that the developers have managed to learn from their past mistakes in order to deliver a better experience in Warzone 2.

Highrise Warzone 2Lag issues that would taint the success of Warzone 2?

Lag and performance issues have been a hot topic over the past few years, topping the list of player complaints. The community laments that in 2 years the developers have not managed to rectify the issue. However, if they’ve come to terms with Warzone, by all accounts this needs to be fixed to save Warzone 2.

“I don’t care how good WZ2 is, if they can’t find a way to make the game run smoothly and packet loss and bad servers continue to be the norm, the game is going to fail,” said one user in a post titled “This has to stop if Warzone 2 is going to be a success”.

This needs to stop if WZ2 wants to be successful. from CODWarzone

In the comments, players shared their mishaps with lags and Warzone’s infamous error symbol, with one user mentioning that “every time this crap pops up, I lag lmao.”

While most players seem to have taken the brunt of this problem, some believe that Warzone 2 will be successful no matter what, arguing that after all, even with the bugs, cheats, and lags, Warzone still worked well.

It’s still too early to gauge how well Warzone 2 will be received by the Call of Duty community, but with the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 2, it shouldn’t be long before we get our first look at the Warzone sequel, which will provide some insight.