Lags continue to make Warzone “unplayable”

Nothing is going right on Warzone, which has been plagued by numerous lag issues…

As the kickoff of Warzone Pacific Season 5 fast approaches, nothing is going right on the battle royale, which is plagued by numerous lag issues.

Since the rollout of Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, developers have been rolling out updates in an attempt to tame the battle royale’s temperamental meta and the multiple bugs that disrupt the player experience on a daily basis.

WarzonePlayers are losing patience with the “pitiful”state of Warzone

Since the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, complaints have been rife on the web about the state of Warzone. In addition to bugs, players have been dealing with regular freeze issues, crashes, and most recently numerous lags. Many have pointed out that as it stands, the battle royale is simply unplayable.

On Reddit, clips have been pouring in to illustrate the deteriorating state of Warzone. Plagued by lags, players can be seen teleporting or standing still for long seconds, which unsurprisingly makes them prime targets for players lucky enough not to bear the brunt of these stability issues.

Warzones been unplayable for the past few days…this is almost every game for me from CODWarzone

In the comments, players have pointed out that some maps seem to be more affected by these issues than others. It seems from multiple accounts that games on Caldera run at a completely different pace than on Rebirth Island or Bonne Fortune.

It’s really bad especially on Caldera, the games there are much, much slower than on Rebirth Island or Bonne Fortune,” said one player in a comment that received nearly 40 likes.

Caldera has terrible lag for some players, it’s the same for me. I can’t play without it jumping, I’ve never gotten below 90 ping. But I can have smooth games on Rebirth and Good Fortune”, added another player.

The developers have yet to address the lag issues that are ruining Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, but we can only hope that a fix will be rolled out before the arrival of Warzone Pacific Season 5, which is expected to land around August 24.