This assault rifle that was neglected on Warzone is starting to prove itself on Good Fortune

With the successive balancing of Warzone, weapons that were on the sidelines are starting…

With successive balances shaking up Warzone’s meta, weapons that have been on the sidelines for a while are starting to make their mark again.

Warzone Pacific’s Season 4 Reloaded update and subsequent balancing patches have shaken up the battle royale meta significantly, redistributing the cards multiple times.

Title holders like the NZ-41, Kilo 141, or MP-40 have fallen from their pedestals, leaving the field open for alternatives like the KG M40, Armaguerra 43, Cooper, or even the H4 Blixen.

Titanium Proofs on WarzoneA strong return of the M16 begins on Warzone?

On August 15, youtuber WhosImmortal highlighted this neglected assault rifle. “This rifle is really going to be as good as it can be on Rebirth and Good Fortune,” he said.

“At medium range, it’s perfect. And also the fact that there’s no real damage drop, just kind of a slow decrease, that’s really nice, he added.

Of course, as always, you have to rely on the right accessories to allow the weapon to shine, namely according to the youtuber:

  • Mouthpiece: Agency Silencer
  • Gun: Titanium 16.3″
  • Sightglass: Axial Arms x3
  • Gun Accessory: Field Agent Front Grip
  • Loader: STANAG 60 round magazine

While the M16 is among the most underrated weapons in the battle royale, with a selection rate of just 0.17% according to WZRanked, it remains to be seen if it will eventually make its way into the meta.

It may not be the best weapon to bet on right now, but it’s worth picking up if only to break the usual pattern a bit, even if it’s only for a game or two.