PBE Patch Note from TFT | UPDATE 12.15 | Nerf Corki, Nami…

Check out all the balancing in TFT patch 12.15, including some important nerfs from…

PBE Patch Note from TFT | UPDATE 12.15 | Nerf Corki, Nami...

The 12.15 patch for Teamfight Tactics is being tested on the PBE server. Find out now about all the new features that will arrive in the next patch.

Teamfight Tactics Set 7 has made a splashy arrival, introducing brand new mechanics and an armada of powerful dragons. With each update, many changes are made to champions, synergies, and items to balance and refresh the meta.

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Without further ado, check out the new features planned for patch 12.5. As always, these changes are subject to be adjusted or even removed in the final patch note.


  • When will the patch be deployed?
  • Champion balancing
  • Synergy balancing (Classes and Origins)
  • Item balancing
  • Balancing Optimizations/Augments

When will patch 12.15 be deployed on live servers?

The Teamfight Tactics 12.15 update will be available on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Champions balance

Balancing Champions on TFTSynergy Balancing (Classes and Origins)

Synergy balancing on TFTItem Balancing

Object balancing on TFTBalancing Optimizations/Augments

Balancing Optimizations on TFTTwitter @Mortdog – Tactics.tools