FIFA 23: Players write letter to EA for crossplay in Clubs Pro

After the announcement of the lack of crossplay in the Pro Clubs mode on…

FIFA 23: Players write letter to EA for crossplay in Clubs Pro

After the announcement of the non-presence of crossplay in the Clubs Pro mode on FIFA 23, players decided to complain to EA through an open letter.

For the first time in the history of the franchise, FIFA 23 will launch with crossplay functionality from day one, meaning that some groups of friends who have long been separated between PlayStation and Xbox will finally have the chance to cross paths.

However, for all the many fans of the Pro Clubs mode, this feature will unfortunately not be available for them.

This system will only work in the competitive modes of Ultimate Team, Online Seasons and VOLTA Football. And as you can imagine, this news has generated a strong reaction from avid gamers.

FIFA 23Pro-club-players-angry-about-functioning-of-crossplay-in-FIFA-23

An open letter posted by an account called #SaveProClubs, demanded answers on this decision to not implement crossplay in the mode.

We demand an explanation as to why you have once again chosen to ignore and dismiss Pro Clubs from your crossplay modes.

Many players were hoping that the late arrival of crossplay in its trial version on FIFA 22 would allow its introduction in FIFA 23 for all modes, but the developers have confirmed that 1v1 play will take priority, as will Ultimate Team.

Give a response to the players who have been loyal to your mode, who have spent thousands of hours playing, and thousands more building external communities to keep the hype around it,” the release continued.

If it doesn’t, you’ll start to see the game mode fall apart. People were pinning their last hopes on FIFA 23 to be the game that gave them back the spark, and crossplay would have done that.

Now it remains to be seen whether or not this letter will elicit a response from the developers, in the form of a public comment or a future addition of crossplay for EA SPORTS FC.