Warzone Season 5 – Last Stand: Date, new weapons, game modes…

Activision has revealed details about the final season of Warzone: Last Stand. Find out…

Activision has revealed details about the final season of Warzone: Last Stand. Find out what changes are planned for Caldera, new modes and weapons, and the return of iconic antagonists.

Call of Duty: Warzone is fast approaching Season 5, which will be the last major update to the battle royale before the release of the highly anticipated Warzone 2.

Desperate to end on a high note, Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Activision have planned an insane finale for Warzone, with plenty of new features worth checking out.


  • Warzone Season 5 Release Date – Last Stand
  • Massive Changes for Caldera
  • Weather and Lighting

    5 New Items for Warzone Season 5

    The new Weapons in Warzone Season 5

  • New Game Modes and Events
  • Call of Duty Antagonists Return

    Warzone x Umbrella Academy Arrives in Season 5

Caldeira Volcano in Warzone Season 5Warzone Season 5 – Last Stand release date

Warzone Season 5 will begin on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 6:00 PM (France metropolitan/UTC+2). It will be available immediately after the end of Season 4.

The date has been confirmed by Raven Software, although it is never out of the question that an update of this magnitude will undergo some delays.

Massive changes for Caldera

Map Caldeira in Warzone Season 5

Weather and lighting

According to the Warzone Last Stand roadmap, Caldera is going to get some well-deserved light changes. Now that the storm has passed, it’s time for this lovely island to be bathed in some sunshine.

Even the dense smoke from the volcano will not be enough to completely obscure the sun’s rays. In addition, Rebirth Island will also get some changes with “a warm and soothing sunset, immersing the map in vibrant hues.”

5 new items for Warzone Season 5

4 new items will be landing for Warzone Season 5. Each will bring a new mechanic to the battlefield and further expand the variety of gameplay.

Doomsday Station

This strange seismic device will be available in the main Battle Royale game mode of Caldera. When you use it, several enemy helicopters will surround your position.

Troops will literally storm you, and your objective will be to defend your position. If you survive this assault, you will get powerful items and a unique Watch for your Operator.

Only one Doomsday Station will appear per game, with many possible appearance points. Pay the $10,000 required to activate it, and let the show begin.

New items in Warzone Season 5

Personal Supply Box

Here’s a supply box you don’t want to miss under any circumstances. Open a Personal Supply Box to immediately be equipped with your favorite rank. Plus, all squad members will receive a huge XP boost.

Rage Serum

This new field upgrade turns its user into a veritable ball of nerves. Rage Serum drastically increases melee damage, jump range, and stun power of melee weapons and points.

As a benefit never comes without its downside, your operator will become noticeably louder and have more difficulty recovering from stuns and flashes.

New weapons in Warzone Season 5New weapons in Warzone Season 5

When you say new Season, you obviously say new weapons! In Last Stand, no less than 5 toys will complete your arsenal. Two of them will be available from the launch of Season 5 via the Battle Pass.

  • Energy Rifle EX1 (at Season 5 launch)
  • Mitraillette RA 225 (at Season 5 launch)
  • Revolver Valois (shortly after launch)
  • Assault Rifle BP50 (Mid Season)
  • Assault Rifle Lienna 57 (Mid Season)

New game modes and events

Heroes vs Villains event in Warzone Season 5Call of Duty antagonists return
Antagonist in Warzone Season 5Warzone x Umbrella Academy arrives in Season 5
Warzone x Umbrealla Academy in Warzone Season 5