The best AX-50 Warzone class: accessories, assets…

The AX-50 is one of the best snipers in Warzone. Here’s how you can…

The AX-50 has always been a popular sniper rifle for Warzone players because of its range and damage. So find out what accessories and assets you should equip.

The AX-50 is a reliable sniper that has always been very popular in Warzone. While it is not as mobile as other snipers such as the Kar or the Swiss K31, it does offer the ability to make long-range, hard-hitting shots that take down enemies with ease.

The AX-50 is a great sniper, and it’s a great choice for those who want to get the most out of their sniper

So if you’re the type of gamer who likes to shoot from afar in Battle Royale, then this sniper might be just what you’re looking for.

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So find out what are the best accessories and assets you absolutely must equip in order to maximize the potential of this weapon.

The best AX-50 class on Warzone

This AX-50 class is primarily focused on its speed while keeping a balance between magazine size and accuracy.

  • Mouthpiece: Monolithic silencer
  • Cannon: Canon factory 32.0″
  • Laser : Tactical laser
  • Crosse: Singuard Arms Marksman
  • Rear Handle: Handle Strip – Dotted

To start our best accessories for the AX-50, we opted for the Monolithic Silencer, as this one increases damage range and makes you invisible on enemy radar while firing.

Then, the Factory Gun 32.0″ is ideal as it allows for increased damage range, bullet speed, and recoil control between shots.

To continue our class, the Tactical Laser is perfect as it allows for improved aiming speed and stability of the weapon. As for the grip, it will increase your aiming speed and rate of fire.

Assets for the AX-50 on Warzone