Warzone players demand Caldera’s Champion mode be made permanent

Warzone players are calling for the limited-time mode Champion of Caldera to be made…

Warzone players demand Caldera's Champion mode be made permanent

Warzone players are demanding that the limited-time mode Caldera Champion become permanent, saying it’s a much better version of the regular BR on Caldera.

Warzone has been somewhat mixed since the integration of Vanguard and the launch of Warzone Pacific. Fans haven’t felt as good about Caldera as they did about Verdansk, and while the introduction of Good Fortune has rekindled many players’ love for the game, it’s not enough.

That said, there are always new features, modes, weapons, and more that help players feel good about the state of the game, and Champion of Caldera is proving incredibly popular today.

The mode was first introduced in Season 3 Reloaded. In this mode, you appear with the class of your choice instead of looting or waiting for the free drop, in a constantly closing circle, meaning the action is faster and campers are quickly eliminated if they decide to stay in the gas too long.

While MLT has often come and gone in the game since its launch, players are now calling for it to become permanent: “Champion of Caldera Trios is an awesome mode,” said Warzone player chopbustre, adding that it “needs to stay!”.

Champion of Caldera Trios is a freaking awesome mode. Needs to stay! from CODWarzone

He added: “My game sense and skills have improved dramatically over the past week. I’m a 1 KD player who has gone to 1.6 since I started playing this mode.

The post received hundreds of likes and comments, most of which were in full agreement that this mode should become a permanent addition to the game.

It remains to be seen if this will happen, but with Warzone 2 on the horizon in late 2022, it may well be that developers will pay more attention to it when the new title arrives alongside Modern Warfare 2.