This anti-camping feature in Modern Warfare 2 would be perfect

Camping is a point of contention for Modern Warfare 2 players however a new…

This anti-camping feature in Modern Warfare 2 would be perfect

The camping style of play has been a point of contention for CoD fans for years and that’s not likely to change with Modern Warfare 2 just around the corner. Today, players revealed their desire for a new feature whose sole purpose would be to publicly shame campers.

Call of Duty’s multiplayer has seen a wide variety of play styles develop over the years. Whether you’re an objective-based gamer or prefer the aggressive run and gun style, most gamers would agree that they share a disdain for the famous camper style.

Campers use their stationary positions to crush enemies who try to force them out of their stance. Often, this makes for easy kills, but this style of play is widely regarded as boring and slows the pace of the game.

Public opinion has always been a great way to force players to change, even outside the Call of Duty community.

In that sense, one Reddit user has proposed their solution to combat campers in Modern Warfare 2. Their plan is to use a form of public shaming to discourage players from camping.

A pedometer in Modern Warfare 2 to shame campers

As the post suggests, a public pedometer that displays each player’s step count per match could “motivate people to start walking and keep up the pace in the game”. The key factor here is the public element in that “everyone should be able to see it” on the scoreboard and player stats.

add a pedometer in the game. from ModernWarfareII

This isn’t exactly a new concept for the Call of Duty franchise, as a watch in 2019’s Modern Warfare displayed a step counter.

However, the player was quick to double down on the public aspect of the feature:“Yes, I know. But the watch is only for you. I want it to be visible to all players”.

While camping in Call of Duty is universally loathed, some players were quick to come up with clever countermeasures, such as running back and forth continuously to fool the pedometer.