Warzone 2 gameplay and map details revealed by pro gamer

Metaphor, a pro Warzone gamer, says he’s seen some Warzone 2 gameplay. He shares…

Warzone 2 gameplay and map details revealed by pro gamer

Metaphor, a Warzone pro gamer, explains how he’s seen some Warzone 2 gameplay. He shares his experience and opinion of the game.

A few days ago, an internal Activision document containing a release date for Warzone 2 leaked to the web. This leak only increased the anticipation around the sequel to the must-have Battle Royale stamped Call of Duty.

The least we can say is that gamers from all walks of life have huge expectations regarding Warzone 2. Everyone is hoping that the major flaws of the first opus will finally be corrected.

Map of Warzone 2
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This map by Tom Henderson shows all of the points of interest in the Warzone 2 map

A Warzone pro-player shares map and gameplay information

Warzone streamer Metaphor claims to have seen the Warzone 2 map, as well as snippets of gameplay. The latter then shared his opinion on Twitter… and fans have something to be happy about!

Pro Player speaks about Warzone 2 Map & Gameplay from CODWarzone

Concerning the map, Metaphor is full of praise:

The Warzone 2/DMZ map is MAGNIFICENT in-game, I can’t wait[…] The buildings are more detailed inside[…] It looks like a mix of Blackout and Caldera more than anything else.

When it comes to movement and gameplay feel, Warzone 2 could be a big departure from its predecessor. He mentions “more grounded” movements, the removal of slide canceling, with gameplay that would be closer to Call of Duty 4.

As for the weapon-in-hand feel, Metaphor is clear: “The recoil you saw in the trailer was fake.” So it’s likely that the many concerns of fans stunned by the assault rifle’s staggering recoil in the trailer are unfounded.

Finally, the streamer explains that he observed gameplay from 3 different snipers, including one that the community loves.

While all of these revelations are tantalizing, to say the least, it’s important to note that neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have confirmed any of this information.