This Warzone class of the Blixen annihilates entire squads in one magazine

Warzone content creator Zyro went viral on TikTok for wiping out an entire squad…

This Warzone class of the Blixen annihilates entire squads in one magazine

The creatoraWarzone content creator, Zyro, went viral on TikTok for annihilating an entire squad with a single magazine, leaving fans eager to know what his H4 Blixen class looks like.

The Blixen was the predominant machine pistol in Warzone, which led to two important nerfs. First, the powerful machine gun had its damage reduced in the Season 4 Reloaded update. The developers went back to the drawing board in the August 8 Warzone update, further lowering the weapon’s maximum damage.

This highly versatile firearm no longer takes down enemies at long range, but the H4 Blixen is still an excellent choice for close combat. Both updates achieved their goal, finally dethroning the H4 Blixen as the most selected SMG in Warzone.

In fact, the Armaguerra has surpassed the H4 Blixen in terms of selection rate, according to WZRanked.

Despite the arrival of a new SMG king, Warzone content creator Zyro’s H4 Blixen class seems to be immune to the latest nerfs.

Zyro reveals his deadly H4 Blixen class in Warzone

Zyro is a Twitch partner and posts daily YouTube videos of Warzone.


1 Mag 1 Teamwipe 😳 Best SMG class @ the end! #warzone #warzoneclips #rebirthisland #callofduty

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Zyro called his H4 Blixen class the “best SMG” in Warzone.

Here is the full class, if you want to try it out:

  • Mouthpiece:Recoil booster
  • Gun: Custom Karlsson17″
  • Sightglass:Slate reflector
  • Buttstock: Removed stock
  • Barrel accessory: SG98 Compact
  • Loader: 72-round magazine
  • Alloyance: Extended
  • Rear grip:Tape grip
  • Alloy 1: Agility
  • Alloy 2: Fast

Zyro’s class emphasizes close combat and excels at taking on multiple enemies simultaneously.