This simple Warzone accessory turns the Cooper rifle into a real laser

According to the Youtuber, IceManIsaac, a little-known accessory significantly improves the TTK of the…

This simple Warzone accessory turns the Cooper rifle into a real laser

The Cooper Rifle is one of the most popular weapons in Warzone, and according to the Youtuber, IceManIsaac, a little-known accessory greatly improves the TTK of the assault rifle.

Since the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Update, players have a wider selection of weapons to use than ever before. In addition, this mid-season update added the Vargo-S assault rifle, while weapons like the NZ-41 and KG M40 have undergone nerfs.

However, these weapons remain as popular as ever on the Battle Royale, as does the Cooper Carbine, which has been in the meta since its introduction to the game.

And recently, IceManIsaac, discovered a class, with a not-so-popular accessory, that allows the Cooper Carbine to take out enemies even faster than before.

In his August 3 video, Isaac explains that the Cooper Carbine is his favorite assault rifle in Warzone, and has been for some time. However, with this small change, this weapon becomes even better.

Cooper Rifle WarzoneThe new Cooper Rifle class with the best TTK of Warzone

In order to totally transform the Cooper Rifle into a true absolute force, the Youtuber simply modified the Extended ammunition with Compressed Ammo.

Since forever, Extended Ammo has been the standard choice for most Warzone weapons, thanks in part to the improved bullet velocity it offers.

Compressed Ammo on the other hand increases the weapon’s rate of fire by 59 rounds per minute, at the cost of additional recoil, but as Isaac pointed out, this Vanguard assault rifle has virtually no recoil.

The result of this class offers a TTK of 806 ms, even in long-range duels, which is more than 50 ms faster than the usual Cooper Rifle class.

It is also more than 200 ms faster than the KG M40, the most popular Warzone weapon according to WZRanked.

  • Mouthpiece: MX Silencer
  • Gun: Cooper Custom 22″
  • Scope: SVT-40 3-6x PU scope
  • Barrel grip
  • : Cooper Custom padded

    Barrel accessory: Carver grip


    : 60 round 9mm drum magazine

  • Ammunition type: Compressed ammunition
  • Rear grip: Polymer grip
  • All: Firm grip
  • All 2: Availability

With all the buffs and nerfs that recently arrived in Warzone in the Reloaded Update, the game’s meta is more open than it’s ever been, which means players will be desperate to find the perfect class to help them win.

The August 3 update also reduced some of the game’s best weapons, so this is definitely the best time to switch to the less popular Compressed Ammo on the Cooper Rifle to get the edge on your opponents.