Tired of ranked smurfs, Apex Legends players want a change

Apex Legends players are urgently demanding changes in rank from the developers, so that…

Tired of ranked smurfs, Apex Legends players want a change

As with all team-based games, venturing into ranked on Apex Legends can be a most grueling experience, especially in the face of the many smurfs that invade the lobbies. So much so that players are urgently calling for changes.

Over the seasons of Apex Legends, the developers have introduced a number of features into the battle royale to help it gain longevity, to energize it, or simply to improve players’ daily lives.

At the same time, as a result of the outcry from their community, they have from time to time adjusted certain modes, or certain aspects of the gameplay to make playing Apex Legends as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Apex Legends
Respawn EntertainmentUnfortunately, they still have many stones to add to the building. Classified games, for example, could use a little attention. From smurfs to cheaters to players getting boosted, there are a plethora of issues that need to be addressed.

Faced with the shaky appearance of ranked on Apex Legends, players agreed that as a first step, the developers could revisit the criteria required to take part.

Less accessible ranked on Apex Legends?

In a post on Reddit, an Apex Legends player, lashed out at the developers asking why the requirements to participate in ranked games had not been revised since the game’s release.

How is there not a higher level requirement for ranked yet? from apexlegends

I have to admit that since their introduction on the battle royale, the only requirement to take part is to be above level 10. No changes have been made since.

“Can’t we have ranked locked down to at least level 50?”, asked the author of the publication. “Half of the teams in lobbies in Plat are smurfs. Level 25 players with 10 kills who win games. It’s so obvious and annoying. Respawn is absolutely murdering this game for above average players”

Most players agreed with him, but others suggested a different idea to fix it, proposing that the developers force players to link a phone number to their account, a method already adopted on multiple competitive titles.

“Ranked should be reserved for people who connect their phones. Dota did it eons ago and it cut down on smurfing a lot, even if it’s not perfect, said one.

“All they have to do is require a phone number to have an account. Problem mostly solved, wrote another.

When Apex Legends will blow out its fourth candle in a few months, it would be high time for some changes like this one. Still, only time will tell if they will listen to their community on this one.