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Discover Mylapore - Result

First Prize: S. Raghuraman, Sowmya, Samyuktha
Second Prize: Deivanai, Nacha, Devi
Dr.A.Sridhar, T. Sankar, Hindusree


1. Near the park, a pillar stands. A symbol of this neighbourhood's founding. A time when the city planners rolled out their grand plans for improvement. Head to the pillar. What legend does the stone carry?


2. Was this once an agraharam or was this just scrub land? So how did this road gets its name? A temple shrine, a place for leisure, a place to get your ration cards too! They are all here. But what do we call the space where the Jeeyars camp when they pass by?

- DESIKA BHAVANAM, Madapusi Sudarsanam Iyengar Hall

3. Take a deep breath on the edge of the tank and cycle south, where the local post office lies, there is a space for the Lord of our land. Nothing ostentatious, nothing to command. But the place of the Lord it is. What is this place called?


4. Now to the land of churches! Madre De Deus is what one of them was called. The oldest in the times of the Portuguese land. The Jesuits, the padres came here long ago and have stayed on to this day. The old church went under the hammer, a new one came up but everybody around knows this campus by a name. What is the name of the campus and what is the year you find sculpted into a wall?


6. If the padres came, so did the nuns. Invited by the San Thome Bishop, they came from Pondicherry and set up a local base in 1894. Schools and Homes, convents and outreach projects - a lot that they do. Name the congregation.


7. Madre De Deus was on one side and this church was on the other. A haunt of the lepers, the local legend goes. They worshipped a saint, a saint of the incurable till the church got a name of Our Lady. Inside here is a slab of historical interest to the city. Step inside quietly if Holy Mass is on, and record what the stone on the right ( as you enter) says.

- The Shrine of St. Lazarus already existed in 1582. Rebuilt in 1637 by the Maderas Family, from which Madras takes its name, this chapel was rebuilt in 1928 - A. M. Teixeira, VG.

8. On to the high road, once mere sandy swathes. Cycle north and take in the landmarks on your left. Here is the office where you register your land. What is it called?

- Registration Dept.

9. Head to a school that takes its name from the local legend. Head to the space run by the Brothers who run Campion. Step inside and take in yet another relic of the Portuguese. What is this house of prayer called and when was the original built?

- St. Rita's Chapel. Built in 1740.

10. Two schools on one campus. One campus where Stella Maris was founded. History abounds here in plenty. One school is celebrating its diamond jubilee. Name the congregation which runs these institutions.

- Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM).

11. Different communities lived here in harmony. The Jains were here. So were the Muslims. Here then stands the primary mosque. What is its name?

- Jumma Mosque

12. Every board on this road has a history of its own. So as you trundle west, keep a sharp eye on the left. Stop at a place where young men and women mastered the keys. And went on to become the best secretaries. Name this institute and the year it was founded.

- The Shorthard Institute. Founded - 1909.

13. Here is a wonderful heritage house. Hidden away from the chaos of this road. No, it is not the Post Office but is related to it. In which way we wouldn't tell you! What is it called?

- Circle Stamp Depot

14. Who is Mr Periaiah, did you say? Don't ask that question aloud for the men in khaki may put you behind bars. Fear not though for our DCP is a nice man and if you step into this campus you will know the year the station was founded. Which year?

- 1902

15. Luz Corner was a hub for everything in the 50s. Clothes and taxis, tiffin and stationery. So if you hung around and took in the name boards some from the 50s survive. A bakery doesn't, a studio does. So does a watch repairer. Name this store and in which year was it set up?

- Zenith Watch Co. Estd. 1954.

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