Pokémon Go: Raid Calendar for August 2022 – Mega Raids, 5 Stars & More

August on Pokémon Go will be punctuated by Raids. Here’s the schedule to learn…

The month of August on Pokémon Go will be punctuated by Raids. Here’s the schedule to learn all about Battles and Mega Raids.

August is an emotional month on Pokémon Go with several events. As always, Raid battles will spice up your gaming sessions with a plethora of prestigious creatures to capture.

As for Raids, trainers will have the chance to add powerful legendary Pokémon like Dialga to their Pokédex. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about August’s Raids in Pokémon Go.

  • August 2022 Raid Schedule
  • Raid Battles on Pokémon Go
  • How to get a Raid Pass
  • How to catch the Boss Pokémon in Raid Battles?

Pokémon go raid battlesPokémon Go Raid Calendar in August 2022

Mega Raids

Pokémon Dates
Mega Cizayox on pokémon Go Mega-Cizayox August 10 – 18
Mega-Flagadoss* August 18 – 25
Mega-Pharamp* August 25 – 31

Pokémon available in Shiny*

5 Star Raids

Pokémon Dates
Genesect (Cryo Module) August 10 – 18
Zacian August 18 – 31
Zamazenta August 18 – 31

Pokémon available in Shiny* version

Three Star Raids

Aeromite on Pokémon Go Scarabrute on Pokémon Go Foretress on Pokémon Go Caratroc
Aeromite Scarabrute* Foretress Caratroc*

Pokémon available in Shiny* version

Raids 1 star

Paras Zarbi T on Pokémon Go Pomdepik on Pokémon Go Feuillajou
Paras* Zarbi T* Pomdepik* Feuillajou* Statitik

Pokémon available in Shiny*

Raid Battles on Pokémon Go

Raid Battles occur when a Boss Pokémon takes control of an Arena. The Bosses in Raid Battles are very powerful. Therefore, it is recommended that you team up with other trainers in order to win. There are four levels: 1 Star, 3 Star, 5 Star and Mega Raids. The higher the level, the more difficult the fight will be.

However, Raid Battles are worth it. In addition to earning special items, you’ll also have the chance to catch the Pokémon you defeat. In the case of 5-Star Raids, these will be legendaries that you can’t get anywhere else!

How to get a Raid Pass in Pokémon Go

You’ll need a Raid Pass to participate in these special battles. Be aware that you can get one for free each day by turning the PhotoDisc in an Arena. You can also buy them in the game’s store.

You can also use a Remote Raid Pass. We’ve put together a special guide for everything you need to know about this handy item on Pokémon Go that doesn’t even require you to travel!

How to catch the Pokemon Boss in Raid Battles on Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go boss raids dedicated article that references all the ones available on Pokémon Go.

Here’s everything you need to know about this August’s Raids on Pokémon Go. Now that you have all the cards in your hands, it’s time to get out there and capture some Pokémon…and maybe even a Legendary! Be sure to find our other Pokémon Go guides below:

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