Pokémon Go players are annoyed by this giveaway feature

Pokémon Go fans want to make the game’s gifts easier to manage with a…

Most Pokémon Go fans want to make the game’s giveaways easier to manage with a small, game-changing update.

There are a lot of things to manage if you’re an avid player on Pokémon Go and some features are more annoying to check than others, which can take away valuable game time from catching Pokémon.

Pokémon Go’s current gifting system has been described as “painful” by players who are calling for a quality of life update for a smoother experience.

A concept update for gifts on Pokémon Go

On the official Pokémon Go subreddit, many people have agreed that the game needs a way to shore up its gifting functionality with “Send All” and “Get All” options when you try to open multiple packs.

“I’m sure this idea has been talked about before but I think it should be talked about again,” one user noted. “For me, sending and retrieving gifts is a pain in the ass and I would really like a simple update to fix that.”

Although the idea is popular in the eyes of the community, some have noted that it could cause players to leave the Pokémon Go app faster than expected each day, which is not exactly appreciated by the developers, Niantic.

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