How to get Larvibule, Chrysapile and Lucanon in Pokémon Go | Capture, evolution, shiny…

Larvibule, Chrysapile and Lucanon have landed in Pokémon Go. Find out how to capture…

Larvibule has arrived on Pokémon Go during the Insectomania event! Find out how to capture it and evolve it into Chrysapile and Lucanon.

The Pokémon Go Insectomania event makes its grand return in 2022, featuring the Insect type, which admittedly does not enjoy huge popularity.

One of the most anticipated additions to the event is, of course, the arrival of a powerful Pokémon evolutionary lineage. Indeed, Larvibule, Chrysapile and the powerful Lucanon have joined the Pokédex.

Can these Pokémon be shiny? How do you capture and evolve Larvibule and Chrysapile? We explain it all to you!


  • How to capture Larvibule in Pokémon Go
  • How to evolve Larvibule into Chrysapile and Lucanon
  • Can Larvibule, Chrysapile and Lucanon be shiny?
Pokémon Go Insectomania EventHow to capture Larvibule in Pokémon Go

There are several ways to get Larvibule currently:

  • Find him in the wild and capture him (Larvibule is available in the wild throughout the Insectomania event)
  • Meet him as a reward for Field Studies during the insectomania event
  • As a reward for the Insectomania capture challenge

The easiest way to get Larvibulus currently seems to be simply to wander around capturing them. Don’t hesitate to use Lures or Incense to come across several: you’ll need them to evolve it!

Larvibule on Pokémon GoHow to evolve Larvibula into Chrysapile and Lucanon

Evolving Larvibule into Chrysapile couldn’t be simpler and more usual. In fact, all you’ll need is a Larvibule and 25 Larvibule Candies to trigger the evolution.

If you have trouble gathering the 25 Candies, consider using Nanana Berries when you encounter a Larvibula, in order to get more Candies. It is also possible to use Super Candies, although it is recommended to save these for rare Pokémon evolutions.

To evolve your Chrysapile into a Lucanon, you will need 100 Larvibule Candies, but also a Magnetic Decoy Module. Indeed, it is necessary to be in the area of effect of this very particular Decoy to trigger the evolution.

Can Larvibula, Chrysapile and Lucanon be shiny?

Larvibule shiny on Pokémon Go