Genshin Impact : All Functional Promo Codes | August 2022

Genshin Impact has promotional codes that come out throughout the year for players to…

Similar to other MMO or Gatcha games, Genshin Impact has promo codes that come out throughout the year for players to unlock free premium rewards.

Genshin Impact is available for free as of Monday, September 28, 2020 on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android mobiles and PS4-PS5.

MiHoYo’s free-to-play game, Genshin Impact, allows players to explore every nook and cranny of the open world it offers without any restrictions. In fact, you can totally finish the game without paying.

However, if you want to expand your character arsenal and gain access to some of the incredibly powerful weapons the game offers, then you’ll have to drop a tidy sum of Primo-Gems (which are a premium currency that can be purchased towards the store).

These gems are used to purchase Destiny Stones and Fate Stones. You can then use them to grant Wishes. Finally, Primo-gems also allow you to recharge the game’s energy system, Resin.

So this virtual currency is quickly vital for obtaining new characters, but also for farming the game’s dungeons. While you will naturally get some throughout your progression, there is an alternative and repeatable way that you can use.

Genshin Impact CodesWhat are Genshin Impact’s active promo codes?
    • Gives 100 primo gems and 50,000 moras (expires August 14)

    • Gives 100 primogems and 5 hero lessons (expires August 14)


    • Award 100 primo-gems and 10 mystical enhancement ores (expires August 14)
    • Gives 50 Primo-Gems and 3 Hero Lessons (this code is the only one that is reusable, no confirmations on frequency though)
    • Gives 60 Primo-Gems and 5 Adventurer’s Tips

The current codes do not have a specific expiration date, however, these expire regularly and new ones take their places.

How to use Genshin Impact codes

Players should note that if they get a code they paid for, those codes cannot be revoked, so they should be very careful to follow the following steps.

Before entering these region-specific codes, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Adventure Rank 10 achieved
  • Log in to the official Genshin Impact website
  • Go to the Exchange Code
  • Select the server you are playing on
  • Enter your character’s nickname (your in-game name)
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