When will Warzone’s Loot mode return?

Warzone Pacific offers a regular rotation of different game modes, but when will Pillage…

When will Warzone's Loot mode return?

Warzone Pacific features a regular rotation of different modes to provide variety, but when will the popular Looting game mode return?

Warzone offers many game modes to try, including the fan-favorite Loot mode, which allows you to reappear and easily upgrade your weapons before returning to battle.

However, new game modes frequently appear and disappear from the playlist, and Loot is not a constant presence in the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pillage Infinity Ward

Pillage has been around since Warzone’s launch, and it’s always a hit with players.

What happened to Warzone’s looting mode?

As mentioned above, Warzone’s Loot mode has been removed from the game temporarily. Indeed, although it will be a while before we see this mode again, it is fortunately not gone for good.

Raven regularly changes game modes, sometimes even replacing the classic BR modes. However, many players use Loot to upgrade their weapons, so the mode is a community favorite.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pillage

The iconic game mode returns to Warzone very soon

When will the Loot mode return to the game?

We know that Looting will return to Warzone on August 11, 2022.

This means you won’t have long to wait to return to play in this mode so beloved by the community.

The popular game mode will remain available until August 18, and then Golden Loot mode will take its place. This is a game mode similar to the normal Loot mode, but with a higher player count and larger cash payouts.

After that, it remains to be seen when the developers will add Looting to the game list again.

While fans of Looting mode may be disappointed to see it removed from Warzone Pacific, the implementation of playlist updates allows for a wider variety of game modes.