Warzone players beg Raven to reintroduce Verdansk in Season 5

With Warzone 2 on the horizon, players have begged the developers to reintroduce Verdansk…

With the arrival of Warzone 2 on the horizon, players begged the developers to reintroduce Verdansk to the battle royale in Season 5.

Since Warzone Pacific kicked off last December, Caldera has taken the place of Verdansk, becoming the main map in the battle royale. Since then, players have only been looking forward to Verdansk coming back.

Of course, Raven Software has made multiple and most welcome changes to Caldera since its launch to improve the daily lives of players on this tropical island, but nothing has been done. As the kickoff of Season 5 and Warzone 2 slowly approaches, players have once again preached for the return of this iconic map.

Warzone Season 3 Verdansk Call of DutyWarzone players are ganging up on social media to demand Verdansk’s return

Professional gamer and content creator IceManIsaac kicked off the discussion by asking Raven on Twitter to “bring back Verdansk for season 5.”

“I understand the idea of giving Caldera 6+ months to shine, but let’s learn from what happened this past year, bring it to Verdansk, and have a mad dash towards Warzone 2,” he said.

“I can’t even imagine the explosion of social media and the number of players that would return,” said stats king TrueGameData. “Even if it was a 150GB download for an LTM and Caldera wasn’t an option during that time… That would be huge.”

In turn Marshmello came in to put his two cents in, tweeting:“Honestly, bring back Verdansk, please.”

JGOD, meanwhile, was a bit more hesitant. The youtuber posited that it “would probably be impossible for Verdansk to come back, unless they secretly worked on it like they did with Good Fortune”. Nevertheless he asked Raven how many Retweets it would take for them to get the card back.

On Reddit a player asked if “Anyone else want Raven to bring back Verdansk for Season 5 so we can enjoy it one last time?”, garnering over 1,000 upvotes in a few hours.

Anyone else want Raven to bring back Verdansk for Season 5 so we can play it all one last time? from CODWarzone

The Warzone community seems to be unanimous, it remains to be seen if their call will be heard by the developers.