Warzone Pacific’s ten most powerful weapons

Don’t know which weapon you should use in Warzone Pacific? Then find out what…

Warzone Pacific's ten most powerful weapons

Don’t know which weapon you should use on Warzone Pacific? Then you’ve come to the right place. So check out the ten most powerful weapons right now.

The Warzone meta is constantly evolving. Over the seasons, players have gone from sniper rifles with thermal scopes to pump-action rifles that fire flaming bullets to tactical rifles from Black Ops Cold War.

The Warzone meta is constantly changing

While some weapons remain in regular use by players (notably assault rifles) others emerge based on various updates.

So players must quickly find alternatives to these weapons. And thanks to WZRanked’s stats, we know the 10 weapons that currently have the best K/D in the battle royale.

Since the launch of Warzone Pacific, players can now use weapons from three different games namely Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, which sometimes makes choosing classes particularly difficult.

And the Season 3 update caused a lot of balancing changes within the Battle Royale meta, including a major change to sniper power. An adjustment that the developers have returned to with Season 4 Reloaded.

However, for now, among the game’s best weapons, we find mostly machine guns and assault rifles from Vanguard.




% used

E/M ratio


KG M40 Vanguard Assault Rifle 9.35 1.32 4.44
H4 Blixen Vanguard Mitrazine 6.87 1.39 4.41
Whitley Vanguard Mitrazine 0.17 1.16 4.01
Armaguerra 43 Vanguard Mitley 6.61 1.27 3.96
UGM-8 Vanguard Mitley 0.60 1.20 3.81
3-Line Rifle Vanguard Sniper 2.39 1.17 3.62
Marco 5 Vanguard Mitrazine 6.16 1.17 3.51
EM2 Cold War Assault rifle 0.06 1.04 3.30
MG 82 Cold War Assault rifle 0.06 1.10 3.29
Itra Burst Vanguard Assault Rifle 0.17 1.08 3.25

Vanguard weapons continue to dominate the meta with 8 weapons still at the top of this ranking.

Of course, these statistics will change as the game’s meta evolves and therefore we will be sure to update this article.