This “broken” sniper could shake up Warzone’s meta

Snipers could be making a comeback in Warzone, led by the rise of Type…

After sitting on the sidelines for a while, snipers could make a comeback in Warzone, guided by the rise of the Type 99, which is starting to make a splash again.

When Warzone Pacific Season 3 kicked off, the developers cut short the infamous sniper reign, which was not unlike the dark days when DRM or Diamatti ruled the battle royale.

This guillotine move allowed other weapons to take their place in the sun, particularly assault rifles. As assault rifles became ubiquitous on Warzone in turn, the developers decided to give snipers a second chance.

DMR WarzoneThis Type 99 Warzone class will make talk

Content creator IceManIsaac highlighted the Type 99 in his Aug. 11 video, pointing out the weapon’s potential, especially when it comes to taking down opponents in one shot.

The youtuber showed that the Type 99 could inflict 300 points of damage to the head and chest, while also dealing 243 points of damage to the neck, meaning that if you shoot the middle of the body, you’re sure to give your opponent a one-way ticket to the Gulag.

“Legitimately, it’s farted. They’ve corrected that in the past and somehow it’s been reversed, Isaac said. “It’s probably going to be patched in the next week.”

  • Mouthpiece: MX Silencer
  • Gun: Shiraishi 712mm Precision Rifle
  • Sighting Scope: ZF4 x3 Rifle Scope.5
  • Stock: Removed stock
  • Gun accessory: SMLE pistol grip
  • Loader: 5-round Klauser 8mm magazines
  • Type of ammunition: Extended
  • Rear grip: Stock removed
  • All 1: Vital
  • All 2: Loaded to the hilt

As noted by the youtuber, there is no explanation as to why Type 99 reverted to its previous state on Warzone, but until this is fixed, many players are likely to jump into the breach.

As he said, Raven Software will probably fix the problem soon, but in the meantime, be on guard.