This assault rifle could dethrone the KG M40 on Warzone

As Warzone Season 5 slowly approaches players are trying to find the perfect weapon…

This assault rifle could dethrone the KG M40 on Warzone

As the kickoff of Season 5 of Warzone slowly looms on the horizon, players are trying to find the perfect weapon to make it into the sun before a new balancing act shakes up the meta again.

The patches that followed the rollout of Warzone Season 4 Reloaded ended the reign of the NZ-41, forcing Warzone players to rethink their copy to unearth a new assault rifle to wreak havoc on the battle royale.

Many have turned to the KG M40 and Kilo 141, but another assault rifle could steal their thunder, the AS44.

Despite a selection rate of just 0.6 percent, the AS44 is one of the best assault rifles in the game, and according to content creator WhosImmortal, it’s a “monster at all ranges”.

Are we seeing a return in force of the AS44 on Warzone?

In a YouTube video, WhosImmortal outlined its 5 favorite assault rifle classes following recent Warzone balancing.

Alongside the Vargo 52, NZ-41, Volkssturmgewehr, and KG M40 was the AS44, a weapon from Vanguard that so far has received little attention, despite a very good TTK. The AS44 is not the easiest weapon to master, but it is worth it, this weapon can wreak havoc at any distance.

  • Mouthpiece: MX Silencer
  • Gun: Kovalevskaya 615mm
  • Scope: PU 3-6x SVT-40
  • Barrel: Custom Kovalevskaya
  • Barrel Accessory: Carver Grip
  • Loader: 50 round 7.62 Gorenko magazine
  • Ammunition type: Extended
  • Rear grip: Dotted grip tape
  • All: Disable
  • All 2: Fully Load

The choice of secondary weapon will depend on your play style. If you want an SMG, there’s currently no better choice than the Armaguerra 43, but if you want a long-range behemoth, go for the tried-and-true HDR instead.

Without being abandoned by Warzone players AS44 is far from the front of the pack, it remains to be seen if it will manage to prove itself on the battle royale to enjoy renewed interest.