The best Warzone classes to use on Rebirth Island

Find out which are the best classes you absolutely must use in the small…

The best Warzone classes to use on Rebirth Island

In Warzone, it’s always crucial to be in possession of the best weapons in order to compete with all the enemies rushing at you, and this is even more true on Rebirth Island. So find out the best classes that you absolutely must use.

While Warzone’s classic Battle Royale mode is by far the most popular, Rebirth Island allows for a faster, more condensed BR experience.

With smaller lobbies, a much smaller map, and faster gas cycles, Rebirth almost feels like a completely different game.

And the same goes for the weapons used. Caldera’s layout requires a mix of ranged and close combat weapons. In contrast, Rebirth Island’s compact layout favors short- and medium-range weapons with a high rate of fire.

So if you want to get in on the action of this little map, find out the best classes you should use.

Rebirth Island WarzoneThe best Warzone classes to use in Rebirth Island

Vargo 52

Vargo 52H4 Blixen
H4 Blixen WarzoneZRG 20mm
ZRG 20mmUGM-8
UGM-8 WarzoneOwen
Owen WarzoneType 100
Type 100 Warzone
  • Mouthpiece: Strife compensator
  • Gun: Shiraishi 374 mm
  • Sighting: Slate deflector
  • Barrel: Warubachi Skeletal
  • Gun accessory: m1941 handguard
  • Loader: 48 round Kurz 8mm drum magazines
  • Ammunition type: Hollow point
  • Rear grip: Leather grip
  • All: Vital
  • All 2: Rapid
  • Marco 5

    Marco 5 WarzoneNZ-41
    NZ-41 WarzoneGun 3-line
    3-line rifle WarzoneArmaguerra 43
    Armaguerra 43 WarzoneAS44
    AS44 Warzone
    • Mouthpiece : MX silencer
    • Gun : Kovalevskaya 615mm
    • Scope : G16 x2.5
    • Barrel : Custom Kovalevskaya
    • Barrel accessory : Sculpted front grip
    • Loader : 50 round 7.62 Gorenko magazine
    • Type of ammunition: Hollow point
    • Rear grip: Polymer grip
    • All: Fierce
    • All 2: Fully loaded