Modern Warfare 2: Leaked multiplayer images confirm DMZ mode

The first leaked menu images from Modern Warfare 2 have confirmed the existence of…

Modern Warfare 2: Leaked multiplayer images confirm DMZ mode

After getting a chance to preview Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, the Los Angeles Rams American soccer team has shared images of the menus, confirming the existence of DMZ mode.

Since the huge outpouring of information and gameplay reveals for Modern Warfare 2 back in June, the developers have been fairly quiet. However, they still announced that new information about MW2 will be revealed at the end of the CoD Champs event on August 7.

However, the Los Angeles Rams NFL team recently had the chance to play Modern Warfare 2, and some players shared images of the game’s now-deleted menu, while confirming that the DMZ mode leak is real.

Rams kicker Cameron Dicker posted a screenshot of the Modern Warfare 2 menu, revealing that they were about to load up a Team Death Match game on the leaked “Valderas Museum” map.

At a closer look at this image, we can find everything you would expect from a CoD private game menu, with the “Game, Weapons, Operators, Barracks” tabs at the top. Many of the elements, including the menu icons, are identical to those in Modern Warfare 2019, but it’s important to remember that this is likely a very early version of the game.

But this isn’t the only leaked image, another player shared an image that confirms the existence of the leaked DMZ mode.

Although the image is blurry, we can clearly see the “DMZ” logo in the upper right corner.

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As of now, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have confirmed the existence of DMZ, but leaks such as Tom Henderson and Warzone Mobile leaks have revealed a lot about it.

DMZ will be an extraction mode that will be based primarily on the Escape from Tarkov game, where players must destroy stockpiles, find information and extract it.

So if you can’t wait to get into Modern Warfare 2, find out how you can have a chance to win early access to the beta by watching CoD Champs 2022 this weekend.