A Warzone streamer found the perfect trick to get revived

A streamer relied on a tactic unlike any other to survive on Warzone, promising…

As everyone knows, on Warzone any means is good to win! One streamer proved it by banking on a tactic unlike any other to put all the odds on her side by promising photos of herself in exchange for a reanimation.

Over the seasons, Warzone players have developed incredible techniques to fool their opponents in order to get out of trouble more easily, and in all types of situations. After all, once you step onto the battlefield, any move is fair game, right?

Especially since you can’t always count on your teammates of the day on the battle royale. Who hasn’t had a completely stubborn PU, who was just going through the motions when he wasn’t simply playing it solo, even refusing to resuscitate his allies if need be.

Warzone PacificMake-you-r-animate-on-Warzone-for-sure-with-this-technique

In a TikTok that totaled more than 650,000 views before being removed for violating community guidelines, Vauxie was about to die on Warzone when she decided to play it safe to avoid an unfortunate fate.

“I’ll send you nudes if you save me,” she promised a player who then rushed to her.

In another clip, the streaker upped the ante by saying she’d send foot photos in exchange for a resuscitation.

“Hey, can you revive me?” she asked. “I’ll send you pictures of feet.”

Unfortunately, the lucky one of the day fell in turn before he could do his duty, but then another player rushed in to revive her.

However, not all of these heroes of the day got their way, since as the young woman indicates she never followed through. “It’s the easiest way to get strangers to resuscitate you,” she said.

Despite everything, even though this strategy seems very effective, we have yet to see other streamers like Chowh1 or Gotaga try it, but who knows, on a misunderstanding …