Daily Features

Art Street

Pitchupillai Street ( near Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan ) turns into an art market where fine arts students showcase their works - paintings, textiles, cards, craftworks and more. . . . .You can get stuff for as low as ten rupees. And also get your portrait done in ten minutes!

Crafts Bazaar

Women members of Self Help Groups in the city set up shop alongside the temple tank (west side of temple) and sell their products. Toys, crafts, utility stuff and more. Easy buys.

Food Fest

If all goes well, the food stalls will be set up on Sundareswarar Street from 6 pm every day of the fest. Varieties of Dosa, idiyappam, Chettinad Kuzhi paniyaram . . .Early birds get the best here. The cooks promise to introduce a few more Tamil Nadu specials.

Thamizh Books Sale

Stalls along side the temple tank ( west gopuram side) will display and sell at special prizes a range of books - fiction, non-fiction, reference and childrens books. On all days.

Kutcheris In The Park

Every day begins with classical music kutcheris in Nageswara Rao Park, Luz. Performed by teens and youths, mikes are not used at all. Great music for the walkers and weight watchers who swarm the park as early as 5 am. Starts at 6.30 am. One hour daily. Chess Square.

Workshops For Kids

Daily at Nageswara Rao Park. Daily 5 pm. Open to first 30 kids.
Every evening, a resource person helps kids learn a new skill. Please bring scissors, paper, chartboard, etc to help you enjoy the training.